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*1. Granite Mines available for transfer at Barmer and Jalore. _______*2. New Quarry Licence for E-auction for Mineral Sandstone in village- Nagaur, Bijoliya and Chittorgarh._______*3. Working Stone Crusher for sales in Jodhpur and Barmer_______*4. Two Masonry Stone Mines for transfer available in Jodhpur.

About Us

aucminexperts.com by R.K. Enterprises

In India, the mineral and mining industry manifests as a profitable division with rich land reserves and promising future. Undoubtedly, this sector requires skillful and experienced minds to drive it to a meaningful inclination. To meet the demands for industry's development skilled human resources in this profoundly functional area, we find ourselves as the most reliable providers of specialists.

We provide comprehensive services considering the requirements and aptitudes that are relevant to the mines profitability. Being intensely engaged in providing consultancy services for the complete mining ecosystem and associated enterprises, we help to increase participation of common man by making them skilled for productions along with safe and sustainable mining.

We serve in the following divisions:

  • • Information related to Mineral concessions provided by various authorities.
  • • Constant Assistance in Mining Rights Acquisitions.
  • • A detailed survey of mines as per the regulations.
  • • Fixing entire mining strategies.
  • • Statutory Manpower support.
  • • Assistance in completing all statutory requirements.
  • • Constant assistance for acquisitions.
  • • Technical services for assessment and evaluation of resources.
  • • Market study and assistance for various minerals.
  • • Provides monitoring regarding environmental clearance and audit for agreement and operational reports.

aucminexperts.com renders professional and multidisciplinary services to promote different features of the mining, minerals and allied industries. From research to expediency through perfect designing, consultations, planning, supervision, mine management, operational support and training we provide the best skilled hands to manage everything.

Why Choose Us?

Existing Mineral Concessions

Help in acquisition of existing Mineral concession as per statute

Manpower Assistance

Assistance in making availability of Skilled Manpower as per statute

Statutory Reports

Information of various expert consultants of Mining plans and other clearances as per statute


Assistance in E-Auction for procuring mining rights

Mine Valuation

Providing Mine Valuation as per Technical Norms

Personalized Service

We being able to do what you like best